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Magic Short Sleeve Contrast Jersey
Magic Short Sleeve Contrast Jersey

Magic Short Sleeve Contrast Jersey

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The Magic Short Sleeve is designed to provide a comfortable fit with reduced air resistance. The cycling suit combines 3 different materials to provide greater support for cyclists seeking higher performance. Don't worry about tight tailoring, our Matrix Lite four-sided stretchable fabric will wrap you snugly like a second skin. The side adopts Cool-Matic mesh fabric to improve air permeability. The sleeves are made of MTC free cutting fabric, which is soft and free of bondage. The neckline and foot are bonded and seamless, which reduces the friction with body and improves the neatness of the structure. The lightweight makes the riding free. It's perfect for some long, challenging rides, but you can also wear it to the races, This cycling outfit will keep you cool and dry on long, hot, humid summer rides. This is a professionally-tailored design that is definitely worth having. The Nova Pro Neon collection has 5 colorways for you choice to give you more enjoyable riding.

  • YKK mesh edge reverse zipper with bonding technical to create a fashionable and clean appearance, more lightweight and no zipper bulge to let you more smooth and quicker like the wind.
  • Three back pockets. A hidden waterproof pocket with a zipper. Provide adequate storage space. The design of the pocket mouth and the correct position of the bag can make it easy to take the required items and effectively fix the bag to reduce shaking when riding.
  • Zipper cover prevents chafing of skin when zipping
  • The anti-slip belt under the back hem is lightweight /anti-sensitive /3D ball face to reduce the contact surface as far as possible,breathable and no slip when riding .
  • Chest/back pocket have heat press CCN-LOGO.