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Unveiling the Battleground: Team COOP - Repsol Tackles "The Holy Week" of Belgian Classics

Unveiling the Battleground: Team COOP - Repsol Tackles "The Holy Week" of Belgian Classics

As the cycling world braces itself for a week of intense battles on the cobbled roads of Belgium, Team COOP - Repsol stands ready to etch their mark on "The Holy Week" of cycling. With races like Gent-Wevelgem, Dwars Door Vlaanderen, and Ronde van Vlaanderen lined up, anticipation and excitement soar to unprecedented heights, both among the cyclists and the ardent fans.

For Belgium, the heartland of cycling, these classics hold a significance akin to the revered 5-mile race in Holmenkollen for Norwegians. It's more than just races; it's a grand celebration along Belgium's cobblestone paths, and amidst this fervor stands Team COOP - Repsol's women's team. One rider poised for the challenge is April Tacey, a force to be reckoned with:

"I'm eager for the races ahead, and with a formidable team at our disposal, we aim for commendable results through collective effort!" writes the spirited 23-year-old from Leicestershire, a day before Gent-Wevelgem kickstarts the action.

Together with the world's finest cycling team, we bring forth a youthful, eager, and motivated squad. While competing against stalwarts like Lotte Kopecky and Lorena Wiebes might seem daunting, we enter the race as underdogs, nurturing dreams of springing a surprise with a standout performance. Sports director Tone Hatteland Lima is cautiously optimistic, believing in the team's ability to contend:

"Our aim is to position our swiftest sprinters for the final stretch. With strategic maneuvers and favorable circumstances, a top 20 finish isn't beyond reach."

Previously known as races favoring sprinters, these classics now feature several challenging hills that could alter the dynamics. The crucial juncture lies between the 105th and 135th kilometers, where decisive moves are anticipated. Hatteland Lima emphasizes the significance of this stretch:

"The race dynamics shift significantly amid these hills, especially between 105 and 135 kilometers. This segment holds the key to dictating the race's outcome, potentially shaping the sprint finale."

All the races in the forthcoming week enjoy WorldTour status, affirming our invitation to partake in these prestigious events. The journey commences with Gent-Wevelgem, extending beyond 171 kilometers during this edition, followed by Dwars Door Vlaanderen on Wednesday, March 27, offering a glimpse into the grand spectacle of Ronde van Vlaanderen on Sunday, March 31.

As we prepare for Gent-Wevelgem, Hatteland Lima underscores the importance of nurturing our fledgling talents amidst the high-stakes competition:

"We must view this as a learning experience for our young riders. With a youthful squad and a challenging lineup ahead, it's crucial to maintain perspective."

For the riders, these historic races demand unwavering focus and heightened senses. However, the significance of participating in races like Gent-Wevelgem, Dwars Door Vlaanderen, and Ronde van Vlaanderen isn't lost on anyone:

"These races offer an unparalleled rush, demanding utmost vigilance. Attention to detail becomes paramount, with extensive planning to navigate myriad scenarios," concludes Tone Hatteland Lima, the seasoned sports director.

The roster for Gent-Wevelgem features:

- Stina Kagevi, Sweden
- Camilla Rånes Bye, Norway
- Magdalene Lind, Norway
- April Tacey, Great Britain
- Monica Greenwood, Great Britain
- Eline Van Rooijen

Stay tuned as Team COOP - Repsol embarks on this enthralling journey through the iconic Belgian classics, armed with determination, passion, and a shared pursuit of excellence.

Photo Credit - Team Coop - Repsol Official Page


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