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ECT Pro Cycling Rider Ed OINGERANG Secures Bronze Medal at Pacific Cup MTB Race

ECT Pro Cycling  Rider Ed OINGERANG Secures Bronze Medal at Pacific Cup MTB Race
We are thrilled to announce the remarkable achievement of Ed OINGERANG from ECT Pro Cycling, who clinched the bronze medal at the Pacific Cup MTB race held in Brisbane, Australia. Not only did Ed stand on the podium with pride, but he also garnered valuable UCI points at the Continental MTB Championships, marking this week as a significant milestone in his cycling journey.

Ed's performance exemplified his dedication, perseverance, and skill as a cyclist. Battling through challenging terrain and fierce competition, he showcased exceptional determination and prowess on the trails, solidifying his status as a force to be reckoned with in the world of mountain biking.

The Pacific Cup MTB race provided an exhilarating platform for riders to push their limits and demonstrate their capabilities on an international stage. Ed's achievement not only reflects his individual talent but also underscores the excellence and commitment of the CCN Sport team.

As Ed continues to excel and make waves in the competitive cycling scene, CCN Sport stands proudly behind him, providing unwavering support and top-quality gear to fuel his success. We look forward to witnessing more triumphs and milestones in Ed's journey, inspiring cyclists around the world to chase their dreams with passion and determination.

Stay tuned for more updates and highlights from CCN Sport as we continue to celebrate the achievements of our riders and the spirit of cycling excellence. Ride on!


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