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The Story of Arctic Everlasting. The adventure starts.

The Story of Arctic Everlasting. The adventure starts.

''I'm in Santa's country, but this is serious. My energy is depleting. I'm confused. I'm on the penultimate lap up the hill. It feels like I'm starting to ride backwards. Or maybe zigzag. I'm not sure anymore. Yes, I’m moving forward. I'm close to the goal, but still so far away''

Arctic Everesting
The challenge was real. Photo: Kent Erik Harridsleff.

The Story of Arctic Everlasting. The adventure starts.

This is the incredible story of Jonas Orest In the northernmost town in the world. In harsh Arctic conditions. More than 20 hours of riding in -15°C. For the safety of Ukrainian refugees.

Everesting was invented to be the ultimate physical and mental cycling challenge. Cycling 8850 meters up and down in the one single hill is the recipe for physical and mental failure. Jonas had done it before, but never this far north. In fact nobody had. Was Jonas on thin ice?

Testing the climb

With weapons loaded and with promising snipers in the team, The team drives over to the climb. Jonas unloads his bike from TC’s pickup truck, and gets his first pedal strokes in the Arctic conditions. Time to test ride the climb.

Arctic Everesting
Yet another climb. Photo: Kent Erik Harridsleff.

CCN Sport develops something special

The new winter clothing from CCN Sport arrives just in time. In Hong Kong it is rarely below +20°C (68°F). In this area it’s 40 degrees celsius colder, and the hot and humid monsoon has been replaced by Arctic breeze. Dry and biting. The special CCN Sport jacket has heating elements in the arms, chest and the back.

The clothes work!

A base layer, thin wool layer, fleece sweater and thin down jacket from CCN Sport. Cycling bib, wool stilongs and winter tights with windproof front. Thin wool socks and winter cycling shoes. Gloves and insoles from Heat Experience. Buff, fleece buff, winter hat, fleece hat, and a snowmobile mask.

This is only touching the ice of the amazing journey Jonas has been on over the last few months. You can read the full article on 'This is Arctic Everesting part 1’ by clicking here.


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