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Kuwait Pro Cycling Team

Kuwait Pro Cycling Team

The Kuwait Pro Cycling Team is a multinational team with some incredible talent and a wealth of experience. This UCI continental team travels the world giving everything they have for a sport they love. With big goals and with the ambition to match the world pro tour teams they are certainly one to watch this season.

Saudi Tour Stage 1


They opened the 2022 season with the Saudi Tour and together with TSG they were the only continental teams invited. They even managed to wear the iconic blue jersey with Polychronis Tzortzakis showcasing the jersey (4 days in blue) and getting the team some amazing coverage. Kuwait Pro Cycling Team can be seen live on national TV broadcasting, Eurosport and on-line platforms. This season they have already had brilliant reasons in the Tour of Thailand and the Tour of Estonia. You can follow the team on instagram to see where the racing will take them next.

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