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Mentorise Elite Team's Exciting Journey at the Tour of Taiyuan

Mentorise Elite Team's Exciting Journey at the Tour of Taiyuan

As the 2023 season unfolded, Mentorise Elite Team found themselves in an exciting new environment for racing – the heart of Asia. This venture into the East brought fresh opportunities and challenges, all while showcasing their potential to a growing audience of supporters and sponsors.

The Tour of Taiyuan, a prominent race in China's Shanxi province, presented the team with a unique and demanding course. With its "spicy" and compact nature, this tour offered three stages, each with its own set of trials and triumphs.

The competition level at the Tour of Taiyuan was a bit of a mystery. Many of the participating teams hailed from Asia, making it a somewhat unfamiliar playing field. However, Mentorise Elite Team's strategy was clear from the start – race aggressively to give their sponsors maximum exposure to the local market.

Stage 1: Exploring the Unknown (110km/1900m)

The opening stage saw Gerhard Moldansky lead the charge, finding himself in the breakaway during the first half of the race. While Gerhard set the pace upfront, the team worked tirelessly to control the chasing group. In the final moments, Gerhard rejoined the main pack, and together with Matteo Piciu, they pushed towards the finish line. The fast-paced descent led to an impressive finish, with both Denis and Gerhard securing top-15 positions of the day.

Stage 2: Conquering the Queen Stage (110km/2850m)

Stage 2 proved to be the queen stage of the race, promising a challenging course with steep climbs. Iustin Vaidian emerged as the hero of the day, finishing a remarkable 7th in the stage and ascending to the same position in the General Classification. Denis and Gerhard were right behind him, securing 11th and 12th place, respectively.

Stage 3: A Sprint to the Finish (80km/1250m)

The final stage was the only one that might end with a sprint finish, featuring a long false flat towards the finish line. The team positioned themselves excellently, with Iustin Vaidian launching Matteo Piciu towards an impressive 6th place in the stage. Iustin defended his standing in the General Classification, and the entire team clinched the 3rd position in the final team GC. What an outstanding result for the Mentorise Elite Team!

This incredible journey wouldn't have been possible without the fantastic guidance of DS Marian Frunzeanu and the generous support of their Asian sponsors. Mentorise Elite Team is already looking forward to returning for more exciting races in the future.

As the 2023 season in Asia comes to a close, Mentorise Elite Team celebrates the successes, learns from the challenges, and eagerly anticipates the road ahead. Stay tuned for more thrilling racing adventures! 🔥🚴‍♂️ #MentoriseEliteTeam #TourOfTaiyuan #CyclingAdventures


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