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Get Ready to Race: An Insider Look at X-Speed United's race at Rhodes Project

Get Ready to Race: An Insider Look at  X-Speed United's race at Rhodes Project


Get ready to race! If you've been itching for a thrilling adventure, and a chance to test your driving skills, then you won't want to miss the X-Speed United ride at Rhodes Project.


Allow us to be your guide as we give you an insider look into this adrenaline-pumping experience. With top-of-the-line cars and an expert crew of guides and mechanics, this is sure to be an undertaking you'll never forget.


Their goal is not only to provide a safe and unforgettable ride, but also to help you hone your driving skills with lots of tips and tricks on the way. We understand that some of our guests are novices when it comes to car racing - nevertheless, we have got your back! So buckle up and get ready for the ride of a lifetime!

Who Is X-Speed United?

Welcome to X-Speed United – a Canadian registered UCI America’s Tour Continental race team, based in Belgium. Our mission is to guides and develop young riders from around the world to compete in the heart of international bicycle road racing.


At X-Speed United, we strive to equip our riders with the on and off bike skills and attitude that can act as a springboard for those seeking the next level of racing and beyond. We focus on technical development, etiquette, mental training and physical preparation that will make them better prepared for success on the international stage.


Our team brings together an amazing group of riders from countries all over Europe as well as Canada and Australia. We combine elite skills with real world experience making X-Speed United one of the most unique teams in professional cycling!

Success so far

The Rhodes Project X-Speed United team has already had several successes in the Visit South Aegean Islands races. In the 2nd stage, they managed to get a top 10 finish and even impressively snagged a top 20 in the General Classification. The team also achieved 8th place overall in the Teams Classification.


Their success hasn't just been limited to the longer races either. The team has also been involved in every successful breakaway during their time at the Visit South Aegean Islands events and even landed a spot in the top 5 at a Criterium held last Sunday. This impressive array of achievements is just getting started for Rhodes Project's X-Speed United team!

It’s go time! Experience X-Speed United like never before at Rhodes Project. It's a breathtaking ride, full of twists and turns, constant surprises and plenty of thrills. The X-Speed United ride is an adventure like no other, and will have you feeling like you're part of the elite racing team.


So what are you waiting for? Buckle up and get ready to race! With the latest and most advanced cycling technology, X-Speed United is sure to be a wild ride that you’ll never forget. Start your engines and get ready to go the distance!


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