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Ride of a Lifetime: Jonas Orset Back From US Gravel Race

Ride of a Lifetime: Jonas Orset Back From US Gravel Race

Jonas Orset, The Nordic Trailblazer, has returned to his motherland after three weeks of gravel racing in the US. 

The gravel season has officially started, and the Norwegian rider raced America's best riders during his first block of races in the US this year. 

Jonas says:

– It's always exciting to start the season and see how well you have done with all the winter base training. I am off to a good start, not perfect, but on the right path for being up with the best later this season. The race in Arizona was epic, in the desert, racing paths zig-zagging between cactuses, while I didn't feel very well that day. In Oklahoma, I was stronger; I just missed the top 10 by a couple of seconds. 


Belgian Waffle Ride Arizona 

The first event of the Belgian Waffle Ride series was held this weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona, and I was lucky to be there. They called the race The Hell of the North Desert. It was a struggle but so much fun. What a day it was! 


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Mid South Gravel

Red gravel, red power numbers. The Mid South Gravel was a killer of an event, on and off the bike. Stillwater sounds like a sleepy town, but the gravel community stirred the water this weekend, making it a race to remember.

Now The Nordic Trailblazer will reset and keep building form in Norway before returning to San Diego in April for Belgian Waffle Ride California and Sea Otter. 


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Good result as a taste for more to come

I am pleased about the top 15 when I have a cold. I should have made the first selection in the crosswind. Still, I had been working hard to chase back, and making the second group sprint for 10th felt like a victory. It's a massive boost to my self-esteem after feeling terrible last weekend in Arizona. Now I proved I am near to the best riders when my legs are better. So now the drill is to make my sickness go, and my legs feel good, and there should be more fun in store for the next upcoming racing block in April.


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