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EuroCyclingTrips Pro Cycling: Edward Oingerang Top of the GUAM MTB National Championship

EuroCyclingTrips Pro Cycling: Edward Oingerang Top of the GUAM MTB National Championship

Congratulations to Edward Oingerang of EuroCyclingTrips Pro Cycling for becoming the National Champion at the 2020 GUAM MTB National Championships!

As a team rider for EuroCyclingTrips Pro Cycling, Edward has been training hard to prepare for this event. He faced off against some of the toughest mountain bikers in the world and rose to the challenge. Through determination and skill, he was able to beat out the competition and take home first place in the championship.

This is a major achievement for Edward and his team at EuroCyclingTrips Pro Cycling. Not only did they show their strength as an individual rider, but they also proved that they have what it takes to compete with some of the best professional mountain bikers in the world.

We are excited to witness what else this amazing athlete will accomplish in his career with EuroCyclingTrips Pro Cycling!

EuroCyclingTrips Pro Cycling Team: A Closer Look

Introducing EuroCyclingTrips Pro Cycling team, the newest professional cycling team on the GUAM MTB National Championship circuit. Led by world-renowned cyclist Edward Oingerang, this team is making a name for itself with its ambition and innovation.

The EuroCyclingTrips Pro Cycling Team is composed of some of the best cyclists in the world, including Olympic medalists and World Champion riders. With their passionate and dedicated approach to cycling, they’ve proven themselves to be formidable opponents on the track.

The team’s commitment to excellence was proven recently when Edward Oingerang won the GUAM MTB National Championship. The win was an impressive feat for EuroCyclingTrips Pro Cycling and solidified their place as one of the top cycling teams in GUAM.

We look forward to seeing what else this talented team can achieve and how far they can go in their future races!

Edward Oingerang: The Making of a National Champion

At the 2019 GUAM MTB National Championships, EuroCyclingTrips Pro Cycling team rider Edward Oingerang left his competition in the dust. The championship race was a grueling eight-hour event spanning intense uphill and downhill mountain terrain.

Oingerang's hard work paid off – not only is he now a national champion but he also gained valuable insight into racing that will serve him well in future competitions.


"Winning a national championship here was my main goal since I started cycling out here about three years ago," Oingerang said. "It's nice to know that all the hard work and training and the dedication and family support, it's all worthwhile, to get the jersey."

Leading up to the national championships, Oingerang overcame illness after returning from the UCI Tour of New Zealand on the road and his training suffered. Also, a late rainy season made training difficult.

"Unfortunately, I got ill for a little bit so that put my fitness way back and today was actually the first day I had a good performance out here on this course," he said. "I finally got some luck and my legs showed up and I had a good day."\


In the men's elite division, EuroCyclingTrips Pro Cycling team rider Edward Oingerang claimed the national championship. A little over 1 minute off the championship pace, at 1:15:16 was former Olympian Derek Horton who rode to a silver-medal finish. Peter Lombard, also a former Olympian, at 1:17:36, claimed the bronze medal.

The EuroCyclingTrips Pro Cycling team has once again shown their strength by having Edward Oingerang top the GUAM MTB National Championships. This is a impressive achievement for a team that is constantly pushing its riders to the highest level.

The dedication and hard work put in by Edward is testament to the ambition and drive of the team for winning. Going forward, the team will be looking to replicate their success and to build on their record of excellence. Congratulations to Edward Oingerang and EuroCyclingTrips Pro Cycling for their triumph at the GUAM MTB National Championships!


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