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Ride With the Best: Learn About the Mentorise Elite Cycling Team

Ride With the Best: Learn About the Mentorise Elite Cycling Team

Welcome to the Mentorise Elite Cycling Team! They are a rapidly rising team from Romania, with a mission to give as many young, talented cyclists as possible the chance to reach the highest level of professional cycling. This is their second year racing at continental level, and they have already made quite an impact.


In their home country, they killed it in local competitions, winning or placing in a vast majority of national races. On the international scene, they’ve made a name for themselves in races all over Central and Eastern Europe—Austria, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Hungary and Turkey—all thanks to their 11 cyclists (8 U23 riders and 3 Elite riders), most of whom are also members of Romania's national team.


We have big dreams for what we can achieve on the cycling field and off—and if you join us on this journey, you'll get to be part of that success story.”


Team Members


Did you hear about Mentorise's Elite Cycling Team? It's full of amazing cyclists from Romania and each one brings their own unique set of skills to the team. Let me introduce you to some of the members:


Adrian Marcu (2022 Romanian U23 Road Race Champion)

Gerhard Moldansky

Denis Piciu (2nd place at the Romanian U23 Road Race Championships 2022)

Iustin Vaidian (3rd place at the Romanian U23 Road Race Championships 2022)

Ioan Dobrin (2022 Romanian U23 Time Trial Champion)

Darius Craciunu

Andrei Florea

Stefan Dragoiu

Calin Mihailescu

Leonard Barbu

Andrei Cojanu


Events and Races in Which Elite Team Members Compete


The Mentorise Elite Cycling Team is no joke when it comes to competing. As an aspiring cycling enthusiast, you could learn a lot from the events and races in which team members participate. So what kind of events and races have they taken part in?


  • Road/TT Romanian Championships
  • Tour of Sibiu UCI 2.1
  • Tour of Romania UCI 2.1
  • Tour of Szeklerland UCI 2.2
  • Cupa Max Ausnit UCI 1.2
  • Tour of Austria UCI 2.1
  • Tour of Bulgaria UCI 2.2
  • Tour of Serbie UCI 2.2
  • Oberösterreich Rundfahrt UCI 2.2
  • Grand Prix Nasielsk Serock Poland UCI 1.2
  • Grand Prix Wyszków Poland UCI 1.2
  • Gemenc Grand Prix Ungaria UCI 2.2   



Their commitment to excellence and the undeniable spirit of camaraderie have helped to make the team a leader in the cycling world.


The Mentorise Elite Team gives riders the opportunity to be part of something bigger than themselves. With their exceptional coaching and support, members are able to sharpen their skills and become a better cyclist.


At Mentorise, they have a passion for cycling and want to share it with others on our journey together. Let’s get started and join forces today!



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