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Philippine Mountain Biking's Pursuit for Paris Olympics 2024

Philippine Mountain Biking's Pursuit for Paris Olympics 2024

Exciting news emerges on the horizon for Philippine Mountain Bike Cycling as it gears up to resume its pursuit of Olympic qualification at the Thailand MTB Cup 2024 in Kanchanaburi Province. Set to take place on January 16-17, this Class 3 event is poised to host 200 riders representing 30 international teams, all vying for crucial Olympic qualifying points.

Leading the charge for the Philippines will be none other than Shagne Yaoyao, a prominent figure and the country’s top female rider. Yaoyao will spearhead a four-member team, which includes Nicole Quinones and two other exceptional podium finishers from last year's Nationals.

PhilCycling MTB Commission Chairman Oscar Rodriguez, in conversation with RP2 Sports, confirmed the team's lineup and emphasized the significance of this upcoming event. The stakes are high as the Philippines aims to secure a spot in the Top 3 of the Asian ranking by the conclusion of the qualifying timeline in April.

However, recent standings saw the Philippines slip one notch, shifting from third to fourth place. This change positioned Thailand ahead, reshuffling the standings, while Kazakhstan and Japan solidify their positions in the Top 2, inching closer to securing berths for the Paris Games.

Following the Thailand Cup, Shagne Yaoyao and the Filipino riders will face their final opportunity to clinch Olympic qualification at the Asian Continental MTB Championships scheduled in May in Malaysia.

With the stage set and aspirations soaring, the Philippine Mountain Bike Cycling team is all set to showcase their prowess and determination on the trails of Thailand. The path to the Olympics holds challenges, but the team is ready to pedal harder, chase their dreams, and make the nation proud.

Stay tuned for more updates as the team races towards Olympic glory in their relentless pursuit of qualification!


Photo Credit: Thaicycling Association


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