CCN Sport Lifetime Warranty & Repair Program Saltar al contenido principal

It’s our passion to produce products free of defects, but for the times when something goes wrong, we promise to stand behind them with our limited lifetime warranty. If you have purchased a CCN Sport product that you feel does not meet our quality standards and would like us to consider it for warranty and repair, then please fill out the below form and remember to click submit.

Our crash replacement policy is in place to ensure we keep your team in their new kit for the entire season. If you should crash or damage your clothing to the point, it is no longer presentable, or usable simply fill out our crash replacement form and submit a request along with a photo of the damaged apparel. We will promptly be in touch with you, and once your request is approved we will instruct you on how to purchase a replacement garment of the same model, design, and options at 30% less than the retail price.

We’re not happy until you’re happy, which is why we have a no questions asked size replacement program. If you ordered an incorrectly sized custom garment for whatever reason, you could reorder an identical replacement in another size for 30% less than our retail price. You get to keep both the original garment as well as the replacement. This offer is valid for up to 30 days after the original purchase and may only be taken advantage of one time per client per garment ordered.