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Pedal UP: The Philippine Bicycle Demo 2023 You Don't Want to Miss

Pedal UP: The Philippine Bicycle Demo 2023 You Don't Want to Miss



Feeling the need to switch up your riding game? We hear you—and we've got just the thing: Pedal Up: Philippine Bicycle Demo 2023! It's the perfect event for any cyclist who wants to experience all the biking opportunities the Philippines has to offer.


This incredible event lasts for three days, and you'll get to see first-hand world-class bicycle brands and their unique rides. Plus, you'll be able to view and talk with bike retailers from all over the country.


Come join us for this exciting ride! We can't wait to show you why Pedal Up is one of the most anticipated events of the year. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about what Pedal Up is about and how you can get involved.


What Is Pedal UP 2023?


Are you a cyclist looking for a thrilling experience? Then look no further than Pedal UP: Philippine Bicycle Demo 2023! This three-day event is an outdoor feature demo ride experience for all types of bicycles in the Philippines.


At Pedal UP, you'll get the chance to experience all the bicycles the bicycle industry has to offer, from different world-class brands with their distinctive rides. You'll be able to test out different models and talk to vendors and retailers to find out more about their products. It's the perfect venue for cyclists who are looking for a new ride or experienced riders who want to take their cycling passion up a notch.


So if you're planning on exploring new bikes and want an unforgettable adventure, then don't miss out on Pedal UP: Philippine Bicycle Demo 2023!


What to Expect From the 3-Day Event


At the Pedal UP: Philippine Bicycle Demo 2023, you'll get to experience all types of bicycles, jerseys and accessories  that the industry has to offer. From mountain bikes to cruisers, you will be able to take each one for a spin. CCN Sport will also have a booth showcasing our range of cycling apparel that is designed with optimal flexibility, let you move freely and make those smooth transitions with ease.

Whether you're looking for a new bike or just love riding, you'll be sure to find something for everyone! There will be demos and activities dedicated to different rider types and skill levels. You can test out your skills on a variety of terrain like single track, road and gravel trails. You’ll also get the chance attach accessories such as racks or lights to customize your ride.


At Pedal UP: Philippine Bicycle Demo 2023, not only can you try out bikes but also witness some of the best athletes in action showcase their skills on two wheels! Nothing can compare to the feeling of riding with ease and grace - don't miss this opportunity!


Why You Should Join Pedal UP


Pedal UP: Philippine Bicycle Demo 2023 is the perfect place for anyone who loves cycling and wants to explore the world of bicycles. Not only will you get a chance to ride different types of bikes and experience the difference, you'll also get to test the latest models from some of the top names in the industry.

If that's not enough to make it worth your while, here are some other reasons why you should join Pedal UP:


  • You'll get to try out new features and understand how different components like frames and wheels influence performance
  • Learn more about bicycle tuning and maintenance
  • Opportunity to meet other cyclists who share your passion
  • Network with retailers and suppliers related to your favorite rides
  • Win prizes from exclusive giveaways
  • Ride alongside professional racers while they show off their skills
  • Enjoy a wide array of activities like bike shows, tech talks, product launches, music concerts, contests, and much more!


Tips for Enjoying the Demo Ride Experience


Are you getting ready to hit the Philippine Bicycle Demo 2023? If yes, here are some tips to make sure you enjoy your demo ride experience to the fullest!


Pre-ride Check


Before experiencing any kind of ride, it is essential to do a pre-ride check. Make sure that your brakes are working properly, and that there is enough air pressure in your tires. Give yourself enough time so you can check all the bicycle parts such as the headset, bottom bracket, and chain tension.


Choose the Right Gear


If you are an experienced cyclist, going to a demo event is a great way to enhance your biking experience. To make sure you get the most out of your ride, choose the right gear depending on what type of terrain or ride you plan on joining. Whether it’s an XC mountain bike or an e-bike, choosing the right gear can make all the difference in how well you enjoy your ride!


Stay Hydrated


Finally, don’t forget to enjoy yourself and stay hydrated when riding at demo events like Pedal UP: The Philippine Bicycle Demo 2023! Remember that drinking water before and during your ride can help keep your energy levels up during long rides. You may even want to bring some snacks for extra energy!




If you are fan of CCN Sport product or wanna explore your cycling experience, don't miss the chance to be part of the biggest bicycle demo ride experience in the Philippines and get first-hand up-to-date information and experiences of the latest bicycle models suited for all types and levels of cyclists.


For those who dare to pedal up and challenge their limits, the Pedal UP: Philippine Bicycle Demo 2023 is something you definitely don't want to miss! Get ready to experience the ride of your life with the world-class cycling apparel available for you to try out and to get engaged with the Philippine bicycle community.


And if you cant attend the event, you can get the chance to experience CCN Sport online. Just use code CCNSPORT upon checkout to get 20% discount on your purchase with FREE shipping anywhere in the Philippines.


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