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Mongolian first ZWIFT Virtual National Championship

Mongolian first ZWIFT Virtual National Championship
Zwift is a virtual cycling platform that was launched in beta version in October 2014. Since then, it has become a global phenomenon with thousands of users logging virtual miles from all over the world. It initially had the Jarvis Island course in the Pacific Ocean, which was later replaced by Watopia and later added the Richmond UCI Road World Championships and the Prudential Ride London courses. The platform allows users to do structured workouts, races, and group rides of all levels, contributing to its popularity as a highly social fitness platform.
The winner of the competition will be able to wear their nation's jersey in the virtual world on Zwift for a year. The competition took place on the Watopia Volcano Climb Course and riders from the top nations on Zwift participated.
Last Saturday's Virtual State Championship featured a Criterium race in first place with 34 top athletes from 11 organizations competing for the 2015 World Championships in Richmond. The competition was intense with athletes putting in a strong effort on the track.
Ferei Pro Cycling is an international cycling team with a Belorussian license and a UCI Continental classification. It has one of the most competitive rosters in the post-Soviet bloc, with two world champions on its roster and a highly attractive racing schedule.
Ferei Pro Cycling is a unique team in the post-Soviet space as it is the first UCI Continental team in this region that is not government funded. It is instead run purely on private investment by a group of former riders from Belarus, Finland, China, and Italy.
A cyclist from the Mongolian Cycling Federation, @Miga_Cyclist, won first place on the first day of the competition and got second place on the second day.
CCN Sport would like to congratulate the cyclists who participated in the first Virtual National Championship and made a mark in the history of Mongolian cycling.



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