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DM CCN Global Cycling: Uniting Continents, Defining Excellence

DM CCN Global Cycling: Uniting Continents, Defining Excellence

We are thrilled to unveil an exciting chapter in the world of cycling—the introduction of the DM CCN Global Cycling team. This team, under the astute leadership of Daniel Manrique, in collaboration with David Padilla from Latam Global Cycling, Gustavo Toledo of the Gustavo Toledo Foundation, and the expertise of Josep Bachs, is poised to usher in a significant evolution that mirrors not only their unwavering commitment to sporting excellence but also their vision to fortify the global cycling landscape.

Today, we proudly announce the team's new identity, DM CCN Global Cycling, symbolizing the fusion of talent, experience, and unwavering dedication exhibited by its leaders. Additionally, we have the distinct honor of presenting the team's exclusive jersey, crafted with the exceptional quality that defines the renowned CCN brand.

This new design not only embodies modern elegance but also signifies the determination and fortitude of the DM CCN Global Cycling team in every competition, reflecting our steadfast resolve to excel.

The team's motto, "One dream, one goal, one TEAM," encapsulates the essence of our mission. Every pedal stroke we take is infused with the determination to conquer challenges, achieve audacious goals, and firmly believe that through unified teamwork, success will organically unfold.

Latam Global Cycling is not just the amalgamation of individual talents but a collective odyssey transcending continents, uniting individuals with a shared passion for cycling. Our geographic and cultural diversity is our strength, and we pledge to represent the five countries we proudly represent with honor and resoluteness.

Latam Global Cycling, bridging continents, representing nations, and pedaling towards the future with determination and passion.

Together, we are an unstoppable force!

"Dream together, work as one team, and soar to new heights. When we progress collectively, success becomes an inevitable reality."


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