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Bernardo Goncalves: Cycling Tips from Beginners

Bernardo Goncalves: Cycling Tips from Beginners

In today's world, consumers are constantly bombarded with marketing messages that make bold claims about the latest and greatest products.


“It's important to keep in mind that companies ultimately want to sell their products, and they will naturally present data in a way that is most appealing to consumers. Unfortunately, this can often result in flawed or biased claims.” - Bernardo Goncalves


One of the challenges in the cycling and endurance sports industry is that there is often a lot of hype around new products that are marketed as game-changers, but the actual data may not support these claims. It's important for consumers to do their own research and look for objective reviews and data before making purchasing decisions.


Another important factor to consider is the concept of diminishing returns. As you pointed out, a recreational cyclist may not see much benefit from investing in the most expensive equipment on the market. At a certain point, the marginal gains from upgrading equipment become smaller and smaller, and it may not be worth the additional cost.


Ultimately, the key is to strike a balance between investing in quality equipment that will enhance your performance and enjoyment of the sport, while also being mindful of your budget and needs. By taking a more analytical and measured approach to evaluating products, you can make more informed decisions and get the most out of your investment.


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