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CCN Sport: PhilCycling National Road Championship 2024 Highlights

CCN Sport: PhilCycling National Road Championship 2024 Highlights

Tagaytay, Philippines - February 5-9, 2024

In the heart of Tagaytay, amidst the breathtaking landscapes and the adrenaline-pumping energy, the PhilCycling National Road Championship 2024 unfolded with fervor. CCN Sport, standing tall as the sponsor of the National Jersey for the champions, witnessed remarkable displays of athleticism and determination.

Here's a recap of the winners per category throughout the championship:

February 9, 2024 (Road Race)

Men Under 23 road

  • Gold: Carcueva Jonel
  • Silver: Lucero Jericho Jay
  • Bronze: Lomotos Ronald

February 8, 2024 (Road Race)

Women Under 23 Road

  • Gold: Krogg Mathilda
  • Silver: Vinoya Wenizah Clire
  • Bronze: Valdez Raven Joy

Women Elite

  • Gold: Roman Aveggail
  • Silver: Prado Jermyn
  • Bronze: Delos Reyes Maura Christine March

Men Under - 23

  • Gold: Jude Francisco
  • Silver: Ruzzel Agapito
  • Bronze: Dave Cangayao

February 7, 2024 (Road Race)

Junior Women

  • Gold: Bonilla Kim
  • Silver: Dela Cruz Rosalie
  • Bronze: Vinoya Jazmine Kaye

Junior Men

  • Gold: Baruelo Mark
  • Silver: Alagano Carl Ivan
  • Bronze: Ferrer Charles

Women Under 23

  • Gold: Gaoat Kenneth Von
  • Silver: Ramos Keith
  • Bronze: Navaluna Justhene

February 6 (Individual Time Trial)

Stay tuned for the Individual Time Trial results!

February 5 (Criterium)

In the thrilling Criterium races, the champions emerged:

Youth 1 Women

  • Gold: Krog Ems
  • Silver: Alejado Louise Maria
  • Bronze: Arcadia Niche Anne

Youth 1 Men

  • Gold: Gatchalian Sean Andrei
  • Silver: Pagnanawon van
  • Bronze: Delos Reyes Jomel

Youth 2 Women

  • Gold: Osias Yvaine
  • Silver: Jammer Ysabel Nicole
  • Bronze: Armadez Joanna Mae

Youth 2 Men

  • Gold: Nunez Jhay Karl
  • Silver: Cordero Daniel
  • Bronze: Flores Kyle

Junior Women

  • Gold: Bonilla Kim
  • Silver: Dauba Janine
  • Bronze: Francisco Gwendolyn

Junior Men

  • Gold: Mandac Marvin Mojado
  • Silver: Navaluna Justhene
  • Bronze: Hipolito Alvin

Under 23 Women

  • Gold: Altamarino Angelica Mae
  • Silver: Gonzaga Hope Angel
  • Bronze: Valdez Raven Joy

Under 23 Men

  • Gold: Tablizo Steven
  • Silver: Deudor Andrei
  • Bronze: Francisco Jude

Elite Women

  • Gold: Prado Jermyn
  • Silver: Delos Reyes Maura
  • Bronze: Dacumos Grace Marianne

Elite Men

  • Gold: Morales Jan Paul
  • Silver: Navarra Junrey
  • Bronze: Orzanza Ronald

CCN Sport congratulates all the winners and participants for their outstanding performances and unwavering passion for cycling. Stay tuned for more updates and highlights from the PhilCycling National Road Championship 2024!


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