Tour de France Femmes: Stage 3 - Exploring French Beauty and Sprint Sh Skip to main content

Tour de France Femmes: Stage 3 - Exploring French Beauty and Sprint Showdowns

Tour de France Femmes: Stage 3 - Exploring French Beauty and Sprint Showdowns
Team COOP-Hitec Products continues their journey at Le Tour de France Femmes, and Stage 3 promises to be a picturesque and exciting leg of the race. From Collonges-la-Rouge to Montignac-Lascaux, the peloton will embark on a tourist trip through some of the most beautiful villages in France. However, the race's dynamic terrain and flat finish hint at the possibility of a royal sprint showdown between Charlotte Kool and Lorena Wiebes. Let's delve into the stage details and see what our riders, Jenny and Lucie, have in store for the thrilling sprint.

The Scenic Route and Racing Dynamics:

Stage 3 covers a total distance of 147.2km, offering a visually captivating journey through France's charming landscapes. The route includes some small Côtes in the initial part, setting the stage for potential attacks. But it's the flat final 40km that might favor the sprinters today, making it an intriguing stage to watch.

Team COOP-Hitec Products' Sprinters:

As we anticipate the sprint showdown between Charlotte Kool and Lorena Wiebes, our eyes are on our team's talented sprinters, Jenny and Lucie. Their prowess in the flat terrain might lead to exciting performances, but it's essential to note that Lucie is dealing with stomach pains, making her recovery a top priority.

Landmarks Along the Way:

Throughout the stage, the peloton will pass by some significant landmarks, adding historical significance to the race. These landmarks include Côte de Peyroux (cat 3), Côte du Pératel (cat 4), Côte de l’Escurotte (cat 4), Côte des Andrieux (cat 4), and Côte de Saint-Robert (cat 4). Notably, the finish in Lascaux is renowned for its prehistoric caves and prehistoric drawings, offering a unique backdrop to the race's conclusion.

Cultural Gems of Collonges-la-Rouge:

The stage starts in Collonges-la-Rouge, an idyllic town known for its distinctive red sandstone buildings. Formerly the mayor of this charming town founded the "Les Plus Beaux Villages de France" organization in 1982, promoting the beauty of small but captivating towns all over France. The town's scenic beauty serves as a fitting beginning for this captivating stage.

As Team COOP-Hitec Products ventures through the enchanting French countryside, we are thrilled to witness the unfolding drama of Stage 3. The mix of scenic beauty, dynamic terrain, and a potential sprint spectacle makes this stage a captivating one for riders and spectators alike. Our riders, Jenny and Lucie, are ready to take on the challenge, and we can't wait to see their grit and determination in action. Join us in cheering for our team and soaking in the cultural gems of Collonges-la-Rouge and Montignac-Lascaux. Let the race begin! 🚴‍♀️🌄

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