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The 7 Values that Propel Cycling: A Journey of Brotherhood and Triumph

The 7 Values that Propel Cycling: A Journey of Brotherhood and Triumph

Cycling isn't just a sport; it's a celebration of brotherhood, where individual triumphs are woven with the sacrifices of an entire team. Teammates working towards a common goal, riders rejoicing in each other's victories, and a camaraderie that transcends competition - these are the values that make cycling more than just a race. Join us as we explore the seven core values that define the essence of cycling and propel this legendary sport forward.

1. Respect: Love for the Discipline

Cycling demands respect for oneself, for fellow riders, and for the sport itself. Cyclists push their limits, racing even in adverse health conditions, all for the love of the discipline and to support their team.

2. Solidarity: Teamwork Prevails

In the face of challenges like a flat tire or a fall, solidarity takes the forefront. Teammates wait, offer their bikes, lend a helping hand, and share essentials, emphasizing that teamwork is the key to achieving common goals.

3. Kindness: Unnoticed Goodness

Behind the scenes, the silent work of gregarios, mechanics, and masseurs often goes unnoticed. Yet, it is filled with kindness - a selfless pursuit of good without seeking recognition or distinction.

4. Perseverance: Patience in Progress

Cycling isn't always about instant wins. It requires perseverance - a slow and steady process of dedication, commitment, and time. Riders like Mathew Hayman, who secured victory at 38 after 15 attempts, embody the essence of perseverance.

5. Responsibility: Fulfilling Obligations

High-performance cyclists fulfill a myriad of responsibilities - from training in their home countries to reporting results to their teams. Physical performance, meals, exercise routines, and job obligations are all part of the commitment to excellence.

6. Friendship: Strengthening Bonds

Cycling strengthens the bonds of friendship. Trust and respect among companions are evident in every competition. Rivals only truly emerge at the finish line; during the race, it's common to see riders from different teams chatting, congratulating, and even helping each other.

7. Love: Evolving Passion

Cycling is a sport rich in history and feats, but it evolves every day. Cyclists are the heart of this evolution, giving fans joy and spectacle. They seek to make more people fall in love with the sensations of cycling, attacking climbs and descents, all while enjoying what they love most. As Esteban Chaves wisely puts it, "it's just a bike race."

Join us in embracing these values as we pedal forward into a future where cycling isn't just a sport; it's a way of life. 🌟🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️


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