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TCHACO Cycling Team Dominates the 2023 Angola Nationals with Five National Championships

TCHACO Cycling Team Dominates the 2023 Angola Nationals with Five National Championships

The excitement was palpable in the coastal town of Sumbe, Angola, as the 2023 Angolan National Road Cycling Championship unfolded over three thrilling days. TCHACO Cycling Team showcased their exceptional skills and determination, leaving their mark on the championship with an impressive tally of five National Championships in different categories.

The competition kicked off with the team counter-claim event, where TCHACO Cycling Team  displayed their strength and claimed a commendable fourth position among the 14 participating teams. The following day, the Individual Time Trial (IRB) tested the individual mettle of our athletes, and once again, they rose to the occasion, securing three National Champion titles out of the nine at stake.

Cândido Monteiro, Sandro Carvalho, and Zuleide Cardoso emerged as Angolan National Champions in their respective categories during the individual time trial. Cândido Monteiro triumphed in the Masters30 division, while Sandro Carvalho dominated the Master50 category. Zuleide Cardoso displayed her prowess in the Elite Women's category, solidifying her position as a national champion.

The grand finale of the Angolan National Road Championships arrived with the eagerly anticipated cross-country races. Athletes faced a grueling 140km course, testing their endurance and skill. Undeterred by the challenge, the TCHACO Cycling Team athletes showcased their exceptional form and achieved extraordinary results. Cândido Monteiro and Sandro Carvalho displayed their dominance once again, securing their second National Championships by replicating their success from the individual time trial.

In the Elites category, the outstanding performances of Estevão Silva (9th), Helder Silva (21st), and Ernesto Faria (33rd) further highlighted the team's collective strength and determination. Vicente Ngoio, competing in the Master40's category, delivered a commendable performance, finishing in the fifth position.

CCN Sport  extends heartfelt congratulations to all their athletes for their outstanding performance, unwavering dedication, relentless spirit, and remarkable unity throughout the entire weekend. The team would also like to express their gratitude to the support staff whose contribution played a pivotal role in their success.

As TCHACO Cycling Team continues to strive for excellence, this resounding victory in the Angola Nationals serves as a testament to their commitment, passion, and unwavering pursuit of greatness. The team looks forward to more exciting challenges and achievements in the future, representing CCN Sport with pride and distinction.


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