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Swedish National Team: Rissveds' Triumphal Victory in Gracia Orlová

Swedish National Team: Rissveds' Triumphal Victory in Gracia Orlová

Jenny Rissveds took over the yellow leader's jersey during Saturday morning's short time trial and then held on all the way across the finish line on the final stage as the Czech Gracia Orlová tour ended on Sunday. Emilia Fahlin third overall. Sweden wins the team competition. Talk about grand slam for the Swedish team in the Czech Republic!


"Incredibly well ridden by Jenny during the entire stage race. This is extremely positive," says assistant national coach Alexander Wetterhall right after the award ceremony with many Swedish cyclists on the podium.



The last stage's 102 kilometers were flatter than the previous days and had no mountain prizes, which meant that Rissveds remained in second place in that race. But it was not entirely easy to control for the Swedish team, who had all the responsibility to keep the group together this Sunday.


"Pretty fast riding today with many attacks. We had some trouble at the start with fully controlling the competition, but the girls pulled it together well in the end,” says Wetterhall.


Emilia Fahlin crashed towards the end, but it was inside the three kilometer mark so the first message was the same time as the bunch and that she keeps third place.


Emilia has captained the Gracia Orlová tour and was in every way extremely important this Sunday.


"A big compliment to Emilia. She has really taken on the role of captain in a great way and guides and sets the stage when we can't really come with tips and coaching from the car."


The podium on the last stage


1 Dominika Wlodarczyk, Atom Developer Wrocław

2 Jenny Rissveds, Sweden +0

3 Flen van Eynde, Fenix-Deceuninck Continental +0


The overall standings after the last stage


1 Jenny Rissved

2 Dominika Wlodarczyk

3 Emilia Fahlin


Ebba Grankvist, Tilde Hammarström, Karin Söderqvist and Felicia Bengtsson also got on the podium, together with Jenny Rissveds and Emilia Fahlin.


“Yes, we won the team competition for the second year in a row. Really fun and so well done by the girls," says Wetterhall.

Photo credit to @SCF and @daliborwalk



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