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SWE Cycling Outlook for 2024: A Preview of Thrilling Road Cycling Events

SWE  Cycling Outlook for 2024: A Preview of Thrilling Road Cycling Events

The world of road cycling has been witness to an incredibly successful season for the road cycling discipline. Lucas Persson, the national team coach, reflects on remarkable achievements in both the women's and men's categories. Now, it's time to shift focus towards 2024, unveiling a preliminary international competition program, where four-sixths of the SWE Cup is already set.


The standout moments of the recent season began with Jakob Söderqvist claiming victory in the third stage of Tour Du Loir Et Cher in France – a notably demanding feat. Later in 2023, Jakob secured seventh place at the Time Trial World Championships and tenth place at the Time Trial European Championships.

A collective team effort defended Jakob Söderqvist's yellow leader's jersey in Flanders, marking another significant achievement.

"However, that's not all; in September, Jakob also triumphed in the U23 stage race, Flanders Tomorrow, in Belgium, courtesy of a tremendously robust team effort. Another highlight was Jenny Rissveds winning both the time trial and the overall Gracia Tour in the Czech Republic. Additionally, Emilia Fahlin secured third place overall, highlighting the phenomenal teamwork among the Swedish riders," shares Lucas Persson.

Turning our attention to the younger cyclists, a standout performance came from Stina Kagevi, securing an impressive second place at the Time Trial European Championships, with Ella Wahlström securing ninth place. Kagevi later received the SilverEmmas Stipendium.

The successes haven't gone unnoticed. Jakob Söderqvist is set to ride for the World Tour team Lidl-Treks' development squad next year, while Stina Kagevi will take to the road for the same Norwegian team as Jenny Rissveds – Team Coop – Hitec Products.

Curious to hear more thoughts on the 2023 road season? Be sure to catch the Cykelstudion episode where the coaching duo, Lucas Persson and Alexander Wetterhall, joined the studio in Gothenburg for an in-depth discussion about the season!

However, it's also time to look ahead. With major cycling events like the Olympics in Paris – with no one yet selected for road cycling – a thrilling World Championship in Zurich, and the impending European Championship.

"Absolutely intriguing with 2024; we're eagerly anticipating it! In 2023, we received a boost with the U23, and we hope to replicate a strong season next year. We had quite a few first-year juniors who can further step up. Given the close proximity of the World Championship and the European Championship, we'll see how we manage. However, it's clear that we have more spots for the European Championship," expresses Lucas Persson.

We discussed the Olympic scenario during the SOK camp at Playitas, where both Julia Borgström and Emilia Fahlin were present, but it's worth reiterating.

"We have a slot in the men's elite and the women's elite. There won't be any more. SOK has stated that multiple top-twelve finishes at the World Tour level are required," states Lucas Persson.

The reigning Swedish champion in the road race, Emilia Fahlin, attended the SOK's Playitas camp with a Swedish Olympic squad, alongside Julia Borgström. 

Emilia Fahlin has some results in that direction, albeit achieved in late summer 2022 before a wrist injury. Emilia needs to elevate with more recent and impactful performances to qualify for the Olympics. Julia Borgström and, to some extent, Caroline Andersson could secure an Olympic spot with a few fewer tough results, given their potential as future prospects. However, the era of merely observing and learning is long gone, given the stringent selection criteria.

During a press conference at Playitas, the recent season's double athlete, Jenny Rissveds, was selected for the Olympic team – solely in her primary discipline, mountain bike XCO.

Yet, the 2024 season encompasses much more than the Olympics, World Championship, and European Championship. There are numerous competitions for junior and U23 cyclists to gain experience, crucial for the future.

"Yes, there's still a focus on junior and U23 in 2024. Many of the women are already out competing with good contracts. Hence, there will be slightly more races for the men in 2023, but we're vigilant if there's a need for more competition exposure for the women. We've outlined a preliminary national team program with the same budget as last year, and we hope the planning holds," shares Lucas Persson.

Several of the better U23 cyclists will age out, but there are competitions designed to accommodate them. Here's the finalized national team program for the upcoming season.

National Team Road Cycling Program 2024 (Preliminary) March

March 24: Gent-Wevelgem Nations Cup (junior men, junior women, U23 men, U23 women). April

April 4–7: Circuit des Ardennes UCI2.2 (U23 men/elite men). April 7: Paris-Roubaix, France – Nations Cup (junior men). April 10–14: Tour du Loir et Cher UCI 2.2 (U23 men/elite men). April 19–21: EPZ Omloop van Borsele, Netherlands – Nations Cup (junior women). April 25–28: Gracia Tour UCI 2.2 (U23 women/elite women). May

May 2–5: Course de la Paix Junior, Czech Republic – Nations Cup (junior men). May 15–19: Orlen Nations GP Nations-Cup (U23 men). May 23–25: Tour of Estonia, Estonia – 2.1 (U23 men/elite men). June

May 30 – June 2: LVM Saarland Trofeo, Germany – Nations Cup (Junior Men). July

No planned national team duties. August

August 3–4: Paris Olympics. August 29–31: Flanders Tomorrow (U23 men). August 30 – September 1: Watersley Ladies Challenge Nations Cup (junior women). September

September 6–8: GP Ruebliland, Switzerland – 2.1 (junior men). September 11–15: European Championship, Limburg-Flanders (all categories). September 21–29: World Championship, Zurich (all categories).

The SWE Cup will serve as observation races for the different national teams, particularly the younger riders. It comprises five races that are entirely confirmed.

"We'll continue to use it for observation purposes for juniors and U23; it's challenging to compare abroad. To keep an eye on them. For juniors, it's almost mandatory to participate in the SWE Cup to be considered for the national team."

SWE Cup Road 2024 Race 1: April 20 (organizer to be announced soon). Race 2: April 28, Ringenloppet Malmö. Race 3: May 19, Giro Himledalen, Varberg. Race 4: June 6, Nationaldagsloppet, Vallentuna. Race 5: August 17, Scandinavian Race, Uppsala. Race 6: September 7 (organizer to be announced soon). Text: Tomas Larsson/SCF Photo: SCF, unless otherwise stated

This comprehensive outline sets the stage for an action-packed and promising year in road cycling, promising to showcase the talent and determination of the Swedish cycling contingent on the global stage.

Stay tuned for more updates and thrilling competitions as the road cycling journey unfolds in 2024!


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