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Spin & Celebrate: Women's Cycling Brisbane on ANZAC Day

Spin & Celebrate: Women's Cycling Brisbane on ANZAC Day

Ready to sprint into the new season of cycling? Us, too! This Anzac Day, we’re taking our excitement to the roads of Brisbane and hosting a women’s cycling event like no other. It’s time to get spinnin' and celebrating—are you with us?

At Get Spinning: Women's Cycling Brisbane at ANZAC Day, cyclists from all levels will come together for a morning of fun and friendly competition. We’ll kick off the journey with a tour of beautiful city sites before circling back for an awards ceremony and picnic. Whether you're brand new or an experienced cyclist, this is your chance to join in camaraderie and good cheer on two wheels.

We understand that many riders may be intimidated by cycling in large groups without prior experience. Don't worry! Our team will be there to provide support, tips and advice every step of the way. Are you ready? Join us in kicking off the season as we celebrate women's cycling


"This was our first race debuting our new CCN Kit colours. We love the shades of green, how comfortable and durable the jerseys are. This is our 3rd season, and can vouch for how well the kits last. We are ever grateful for the support from CCN, so thank you!. "  - Womens Cycling Brisbane

They also added  that being a developing team, they had ladies racing across B,C and D grade fields, taking out podiums in each grade. 

"Our up and coming ladies in D grade made us proud, managing to hold on to a 3rd place with some very experienced riders. The C grade ladies are getting much stronger and learning how to work together, and this paid off getting a clean sweep in C grade taking a 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  The B grade race was a tough race with many of the ladies about to break into the elite ranks. Our resident sprinter, Tanne Rafter came second after a huge sprint effort on the last lap to close down a small break that opened on the last pinch of a hill." they added.

The Importance of ANZAC Day in Brisbane

In Brisbane, ANZAC Day is an important day of commemoration and remembrance. It’s a chance to honor the Australian and New Zealand servicemen and servicewomen, who have fought for our freedom in all kinds of conflicts.

On ANZAC Day this year, Brisbane will be hosting a special event – women's cycling around the city. This ride is to celebrate the achievements of Australian women in combat and to raise money for charity organizations focused on assisting veterans in getting back on their feet.

Unlike most other ANZAC Day sports events, this one has been created for women only and will be taking riders on an incredible journey around the city center. Not only does it show that women can create powerful memories together, but it also serves as an important call for action for all Australians to remember our heroes and their legacies – especially on ANZAC Day.


What to Wear and What to Pack

The best part of ANZAC Day is getting out on your bike and showing your support for the women’s cycling scene in Brisbane. But what to wear? And what should you pack? We’ve got you covered!

You'll want to wear comfortable, breathable clothing that is capable of keeping you cool while cycling. Opt for something lightweight, with plenty of pockets and enough layers so that you can adjust your outfit as needed when the weather changes. A helmet and reusable water bottle are also essential items to bring with you.

For gear, make sure to pack a tire patch kit, multi-tool, chain lube and any extra parts that may need replacing along the way. Additionally, if you're planning on riding for several hours or more, it's a good idea to bring some snacks and energy bars for fuel. Lastly, a lock can be handy in case you stop off somewhere during your ride.

With all these items in tow and ready to go, you'll be prepared for any road conditions or unexpected stops along the way—and be able to Spin & Celebrate Women's Cycling in Brisbane on ANZAC Day!

Ladies in the Podium

Climbing into the podium is an exciting experience and you can be a part of it at the Women's Cycling in Brisbane on ANZAC Day.


Great racing saw @tannaerafter podium 🥈 in Women’s B, and a Clean sweep in women’s C for 🥇 @Mhari Highes 🥈@Katie Cole 🥉Kirsten Leech. @lucie_activeandliving came away with a 🥉 in Women’s D.

"It is our goal for this time next year to have many of these riders racing in the Women's elite race, while still bringing in developing cyclists that can continue to provide pathways to the National Road Series in Australia. "

So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re an experienced cyclist looking for a new challenge or a beginner looking to get in the saddle for the first time, the Brisbane Women’s Cycling event on ANZAC Day is the perfect opportunity for you to do something special.

You’ll get to experience the beautiful Brisbane scenery, make new friends, and make a meaningful contribution to your community. Your participation can be whatever you make it, and you don’t have to compete to enjoy it. So get your wheels ready, lace up your shoes, and join the ride this ANZAC Day. It promises to be an event to remember.


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