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Nusantara Pro Cycling's Triumph: A Double Jersey Win

Nusantara Pro Cycling's Triumph: A Double Jersey Win

At CCN Sport, we are elated to celebrate the phenomenal success of Nusantara Pro Cycling and @maulana.astnan, who clinched two prestigious jerseys in an incredible showcase of talent and determination! A heartfelt congratulations to the entire team for an exceptional performance that surpassed 13 international cycling teams at the recent event.

A Remarkable Achievement: Double Jersey Triumph

The recent victory of Nusantara Pro Cycling and @maulana.astnan marks an extraordinary milestone in the team's journey. Securing the Overall Best Team title and the Overall Individual Classification by Time (Yellow Jersey) showcases the team's collective strength, strategic prowess, and unwavering dedication to excellence.

Honoring Excellence: The Blue Jersey Win

Additionally, the attainment of the Overall Best Indonesian Rider (Blue Jersey) underscores the outstanding individual performance of @maulana.astnan, highlighting his skill, resilience, and commitment to representing the Indonesian cycling community on an international platform.

Tour de Siak Kita: Sprinting to Success

@tourdesiakkita's commendable achievement of securing the 2nd place Sprint Point by @abdulgani92 further complements the team's success, solidifying Nusantara Pro Cycling's dominance and versatility in various categories of competitive cycling.

Pride and Congratulations

The entire CCN Sport family extends its heartfelt congratulations to Nusantara Pro Cycling and @maulana.astnan for this remarkable feat. Your achievement serves as an inspiration to aspiring cyclists, embodying the spirit of perseverance, teamwork, and excellence in the world of professional cycling.

Join Our Celebration

As we celebrate this momentous victory, we invite you to join us in applauding the triumphs of Nusantara Pro Cycling and @maulana.astnan. Follow us on our social media platforms to stay updated on the team's journey, upcoming races, and inspiring stories that define our commitment to cycling excellence.

Once again, congratulations to the entire team for achieving this outstanding milestone. Your dedication and triumphs continue to inspire us all.

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