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Ferei CCN Metalac Kicks Off International Season with UCI Racing in Slovenia

Ferei CCN Metalac Kicks Off International Season with UCI Racing in Slovenia

As the cycling world gears up for another thrilling season of international races, Ferei CCN Metalac is proud to announce their participation in the prestigious UCI racing event in Slovenia. With high hopes and determination, the team is set to make their mark on the global stage once again.

Racing in Slovenia:

The GP Slovenian Istria - Izola marks the beginning of an exciting international season for Ferei CCN Metalac. This UCI-sanctioned event promises fierce competition and challenging courses, providing the perfect opportunity for the team to showcase their talent and determination.

Meet the Team:

Ferei CCN Metalac boasts a roster of talented riders, each with their own strengths and specialties. From seasoned veterans to promising newcomers, the team is united by their passion for cycling and their commitment to excellence.

Preparation and Training:

In the lead-up to the GP Slovenian Istria - Izola, the Ferei CCN Metalac team has been hard at work, fine-tuning their skills and honing their fitness levels. From grueling training sessions to strategic planning meetings, every effort has been made to ensure that the team is ready to perform at their best on race day.

Expectations and Goals:

With their sights set on podium finishes and standout performances, Ferei CCN Metalac enters the UCI racing season with confidence and determination. Each rider is eager to showcase their abilities and contribute to the success of the team as a whole.

Supporting the Team:

As Ferei CCN Metalac embarks on their international racing journey, they are grateful for the support of their fans, sponsors, and supporters. Their unwavering encouragement and belief in the team's abilities fuel their determination to succeed on the world stage.

Follow the Action:

Stay tuned to CCN Sport's website and social media channels for updates, highlights, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of Ferei CCN Metalac's international racing season. From thrilling race-day moments to exclusive interviews with the riders, CCN Sport will bring you closer to the action than ever before.

 As Ferei CCN Metalac kicks off their international season with UCI racing in Slovenia, the team is ready to take on the world's best and make their mark on the global cycling stage. With talent, determination, and the unwavering support of their fans, they are poised for success in the races ahead. Let the excitement begin! 


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