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FEREI CCN Metalac: Conquering the Tour of Poyang Lake

FEREI CCN Metalac: Conquering the Tour of Poyang Lake

The Tour of Poyang Lake, a grueling 12-day race spanning 11 challenging stages, recently concluded, leaving behind a trail of remarkable achievements and enduring memories. Our FEREI CCN Metalac team showcased exceptional talent and determination throughout this demanding journey, earning well-deserved accolades.

Among the stars of our team, young Mihajlo Stolić displayed promising potential, hinting at a bright future in the cycling world. Slovenian powerhouse Gregor Matija exhibited remarkable determination, earning praise from all quarters. The entire team owes a debt of gratitude to our skilled mechanic, Marko Vasić, and the irreplaceable massage therapist, Lazar Laki Dimitrijević, for their unwavering support and expertise.

The Tour of Poyang Lake was a test of endurance, with each stage presenting unique challenges. From demanding terrains to strategic racing, the team faced it all with grit and determination. The first part was sanctioned by UCI, adding to the competitive edge, while the last six stages, though not UCI-sanctioned, were equally demanding.

We can proudly say that our young team, with their dedication and hard work, secured numerous top-ten positions throughout the race. The organizers ensured a seamless experience, providing the best accommodations, diverse and delightful cuisine, and top-notch security on the road, even during transfers.

As we reflect on this incredible journey, we contemplate what lies ahead. Every race leaves its mark, and the Tour of Poyang Lake was no different. The lessons learned, the camaraderie shared, and the challenges conquered will fuel our future endeavors.

The cycling season continues, and we eagerly look forward to more thrilling races, where we will continue to give our best and strive for excellence. Onwards we go, fueled by the passion for cycling and the pursuit of triumphs! 🚴‍♂️💨 #FEREICCMMetalac #TourOfPoyangLake #PushingLimits 🏆


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