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Euro Cycling Trips - Pro Cycling

Euro Cycling Trips - Pro Cycling
The Team kicked off the 2023 season with two UCI races in New Zealand, with an exciting 11th place overall for Boris CLARK.  The week after saw the start of the racing calendar in GUAM with the team fielding 4 of our best domestic riders for the race, including recently crowned Guam National Champion and 3rd at the Pacific Championships Blayde BLAS.  
The team worked fantastically together to put Blayde in a position to win the Pulanatat Road race, with EuroCyclingTrips rider Ed OINGERANG fresh off the plane from New Zealand taking 2nd place to dominate the podium.
Next on the calendar for race winner Blayde Blas is the Tour of the South Aegean and the Tour of Rhodes on the UCI Europe Tour Calendar in early March.


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