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Conquer the Trails With Nordic Trailblazer's Renegade Rambler in Texas

Conquer the Trails With Nordic Trailblazer's Renegade Rambler in Texas


Overview of the Renegade Rambler

Are you looking for an adventure to conquer? Then look no further than the Renegade Rambler! Organized by Greenville Gravel Grinders, this 180 mile bike ride across Texas is a one-of-a-kind way to explore the Lone Star State's rugged landscapes and small towns. This Nordic Trailblazer event also serves a larger purpose – proceeds from the ticket sales help support the Northeast Texas Trail (NETT), which will eventually become the longest Hike/Bike and Equestrian Trail in Texas, and 4th longest such trail in the entire United States.

So join us for this unprecedented exploration of wild west trails on a bicycle. Get ready for stunning views of rolling hills, rugged mountains, vibrant meadows and beautiful forests. Make some memories that you can share with your friends and family back home as you ride through some of Texas' most unique terrain around every turn. Plus, your contribution will help support a cause that will benefit thousands of hikers and cyclists across the great state of Texas.

The Ride

Ready for an adventure? Slip into your Nordic Trailblazer's Renegade Rambler and let's hit the trails in Texas!

To start off, we'll be taking it nice and slow. We'll follow the NETT for about ten miles before turning north. Don't be fooled - the ride isn't all downhill the entire way. You'll encounter some flat sections, some uphill slopes that reach a few hundred meters, and even some uneven terrain.

Your Renegade Rambler is designed to handle it all - ready to take you wherever your heart desires. As we ride along, you'll be taking in all that the Texas countryside has to offer - rolling farmlands, inspiring country residences, and pristine nature views.



Gravel grinding in Texas is an experience like no other, and Nordic Trailblazer's Renegade Rambler is just the bike you need to conquer those trails. Gravel grinding has come to be known as a type of riding that combines the best of both worlds—the challenge of mountain biking with the surface variability of road biking.

So why is gravel grinding so popular? Well, for one, it's an intense workout for your body and mind. As the name implies, you'll be grinding those legs until they feel pulverized. But at a certain point, you'll also find yourself in a kind of joint movement with the surface. You can't fight it; you have to get in line with the ground and sometimes let your bike dance along. The Renegade Rambler is made to do just that—with its lightweight aluminum frame and 29-inch wheelset, you can explore new trails comfortably and quickly.

So if you're looking to explore Texas' gravel trails with ease, take a look at Nordic Trailblazers' Renegade Rambler.

Finish Line

The finish line is finally in sight! After riding over 40 miles on gravel, you and the other participants in the Nordic Trailblazer's Renegade Rambler in Texas are almost done. You have been out for nearly five and a half hours and can now get on the NETT for the last miles.

At this point, you can almost taste the satisfaction that comes with crossing the finish line. But for riders on Cadence Cyclery's bikes, it's a double win: not only do they get to complete their challenge but they also get to enjoy an extra-special feeling—knowing that their bike was designed especially for navigating terrain like this.

And so, with one last push of energy, you can make your way up to the finish line. As you approach it, your heart begins to beat faster and a sense of pride washes over you—you did it! Celebrate your extraordinary accomplishment and bask in the glory of having conquered another trail.

The Winner Ax

One of the biggest successes of this year's Renegade Rambler in Texas was the winner of the event—Cadence Cyclery. It was a relief crossing the finish line—a double win for Cadence Cyclery.

They did a great job organizing and hosting the event, and one of their best decisions was to set up signs all around the route. It's a massive job, and even though we had our head units, the signs made navigating the course easier.

If you're looking for an incredible riding experience in Texas, I can't recommend Nordic Trailblazer's Renegade Rambler enough. I hope more people in Texas put it on their calendars for 2024—it would be great to see more locals join us riders from other states for such a great ride. The Renegade Rambler is especially perfect for gaining fitness for the upcoming season, and an excellent way to get together with the gravel community in North East Texas.

All in all, the Renegade Rambler is the perfect way to experience the best of the Texas trails. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely nature walk or an invigorating outdoor challenge, the Renegade Rambler is the solution. So get out there, hit the trails, and get ready for that Texas adventure!


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