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C'est fini! 🔴 MENtoRISE MLMSuperStars at Sibiu Cycling Tour

C'est fini! 🔴 MENtoRISE MLMSuperStars at Sibiu Cycling Tour
The 14th edition of the Sibiu Cycling Tour has come to a triumphant end for the MENtoRISE MLMSuperStars. Over four grueling days of racing around Sibiu, our team faced intense competition and scorching 40+°C heat. 

The tour kicked off with a full stage and two half-stages that set the pace for the rest of the event. Each day presented its own set of challenges, from steep climbs and rapid descents to navigating through picturesque Romanian landscapes. The resilience and teamwork displayed by our riders were truly commendable.

The final day featured a challenging 200km stage, testing the endurance and spirit of all participants. The intense heat added another layer of difficulty, but our team remained undeterred. Despite the tough conditions, the team delivered their best performance of the tour. @dobrinioan sprinted to a top 25 finish, showcasing his incredible stamina and determination. His effort was rewarded with the prestigious Red Jersey for the best Romanian rider in the stage! 

Throughout the tour, our riders demonstrated exceptional teamwork and strategy. They navigated the peloton with skill, responded to breakaways, and supported each other during critical moments. This camaraderie and mutual support were key to our success in such a demanding race.

The experience gained from the Sibiu Cycling Tour is invaluable. Competing against top-tier teams and riders has provided our team with new insights and strengthened our resolve. Each race is a stepping stone, and the lessons learned here will propel us to even greater heights in future competitions.

We are incredibly proud of our team's performance and grateful for the opportunity to compete in such a prestigious event. A big thank you to the organizers, sponsors, and fans for their unwavering support. And to the city of Sibiu, thank you for your warm hospitality and stunning backdrop that made this tour unforgettable.

Great job, team! Your dedication and hard work paid off. Thanks for having us, Sibiu! 


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