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A Year of Gravel, Grit, and Gains: The Nordic Trailblazer's 2023 Recap

A Year of Gravel, Grit, and Gains: The Nordic Trailblazer's 2023 Recap

The Nordic Trailblazer takes a moment to reflect on an eventful and spirited 2023. A journey comprised of 20 invigorating gravel races and 12 thrilling criterium races, combined with 35 days dedicated to cycling outreach and teaching, has been nothing short of an extraordinary adventure. Let's delve into the highlights and challenges that shaped this memorable year.

The year commenced with intense winter training followed by an 11-day training camp in Spain, alongside Andreas Ohldieck. The beautiful terrains of Guardamar, Alicante, witnessed exhilarating rides with the new Felt Breed Carbon, marking the announcement of a new bike sponsor.

Celebrating the International Winter Cycling Day in Oslo initiated by The Nordic Trailblazer in collaboration with Green Cycling Norway was an excellent start. Soon after, the season kicked off with the Renegade Rambler in Dallas, a 100-mile race resulting in an impressive start with a podium finish.


March was bustling with thrilling races, from the Belgian Waffle Ride in Phoenix to the Mid South event in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Despite facing challenges, the experiences gained from these courses were invaluable, making for an unforgettable racing period.

Spring brought action-packed events with the Belgian Waffle Ride in California and the Sea Otter Classic, where The Nordic Trailblazer clinched victory, making these events a standout success.

With the transition to Norway, The Nordic Trailblazer engaged in organizing crit races and conducting cycling events for kids. An eventful period was rounded off with participation in the UCI race in Aachen, Germany, amidst a busy schedule.

The American adventure continued, heading to Unbound Gravel in Kansas. Despite facing multiple punctures, the determination to push through showcased unwavering resilience.


July brought victories at Unionsrittet and a busy schedule that included moving homes and conducting cycling schools, reaffirming the commitment to inspire and support cycling within the community.

Exploring new cycling routes on a road trip to Helgelandskysten and participating in Gravel Earth Series events marked an exciting August. A focus on fitness and organizational activities kept the month vibrant.

September was characterized by the successful organization of Nesfjellet Gravelduro and participation in the Catalunia Gravel Earth Final. Despite facing tough challenges, the commitment remained steadfast.

As the season neared its end, The Nordic Trailblazer took on the UCI Gravel World Championship in Veneto, Italy, overcoming illness and competing valiantly.

November was a time to plan for the upcoming year, engaging in discussions with partners and continuing the cycling outreach program. A winter cycling day concluded the month on a positive note.

As the year winds down, wedding preparations for The Nordic Trailblazer and Hanna are in full swing, alongside website development and planning for the next cycling season.

In closing, The Nordic Trailblazer extends gratitude to friends, family, supporters, partners, and sponsors, including CCN Sport for making this incredible journey possible. As we step into a new cycling year, here's to unwavering determination, inspiring new milestones, and a year filled with extraordinary adventures. Thank you, and wishing you a cycling-filled 2024 ahead!


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