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Relive the Excitement From Blayde BLAS’ Race at the Red Dirt MTB Event

Relive the Excitement From Blayde BLAS’ Race at the Red Dirt MTB Event

It was a race that everyone was talking about: Blayde BLAS and his attempt to break the record at the Red Dirt MTB event. The stakes were high and the tension in the air could be cut with a knife as he kicked off along the course.

The crowd cheered him on, their voices booming over the rattling of bike chains and gears. He was determined and focused, his face a mask of concentration despite the undisguised excitement that had been brewing all day.

The race was full of drama, suspense and unexpected turns—it left everyone breathless by its end. Now, let's take a look back at Blayde BLAS' exciting race at the Red Dirt MTB event.

Blad Blass

Blayde Blass is an up-and-coming cyclist from Guam. In 2021, the EuroCyclingTrips Pro Cycling team saw his potential and signed him as a trainee during the season.

He masterfully rose to the occasion, taking on the Oceania MTB Continental Championships, the U23 World Time Trial and Road Race Championships and, finally, the UCI 2.1 Tour of Taiwan. It was here that his hard work paid off and he proved to be a formidable force on the track.

No sooner had he returned home than Blayde made waves by winning his first road race in Guam just two days later. His impressive performance didn't stop there--in December of that same year, he made history by becoming the first U23 rider to win the Elite Guam National Road Championships and even took second place in the Pacific Road Race Championships.

About Red Dirt MTB

The Red Dirt MTB event has been a major fixture on the MTB circuit for over a decade. The event took place in Veeck Park in February of 2023, and racers from all over the region came to take part in the competition, including Blayde BLAS and his team.

With conditions at Veeck Park ideal for racing, the competition was fierce and riders pushed themselves to their limits. In the end, it was Blayde who came out on top with a stunning win, finishing ahead of his teammates who also had impressive performances with Peter LOMBERD coming in second, Ed OINGERANG third, Derek HORTON fourth and Dan APONIK fifth giving them a rare clean sweep of the podium.

It was a significant victory for Blayde as it marked his first Elite MTB race win since he began competing competitively two years ago. He looked back on the race as one of his best wins and was elated to be atop of such an impressive podium with his teammates.

What's Next

Now with his Red Dirt MTB Event race being a success, Blayde BLAS is set to take on even greater challenges. Next up for Guam's promising new star is another Mountain Bike race in Guam on the last weekend of February, followed by a trip to Europe to take part in some of the biggest races there.

The Tour of the South Aegean

First off for Blayde is the UCI 2.2 Tour of the South Aegean; a four-day race with a total climbing of over 4000 meters and 90km in total distance.

The Grand Prix Rhodes

After that, Blayde will take part in the UCI 1.2 Grand Prix Rhodes; a one-day race ride around the island of Rhodes in Greece, covering 80 km and climbing over 1100 meters.

The Tour of Rhodes

Lastly, Blayde will compete in the 5 day UCI 2.2 Tour of Rhodes; racing up mountainside roads and downhill past spectacular scenery across 232 km with 2800 horsepower. This grueling tour also includes two major mountain top finishes as well as 5 sprints for bonus points!

During his first European sortie, Blayde will also be taking part in a team training camp with his European Teammates before heading home from this amazing European tour!

When the dust settled and the sun set, Blayde BLAS had earned his place on the podium as the victor of the Red Dirt MTB event. While the race was certainly grueling, it was also full of excitement and joy. With each passing lap, Blayde pushed his limits and his threshold to stay ahead of the pack and take home the win.

By showing such extraordinary dedication and skill, Blayde has demonstrated to us all that the impossible is indeed possible. He has inspired us to pursue our dreams and to never give up on them. For mountain biking enthusiasts and thrill seekers alike, the Red Dirt MTB event stands as an unforgettable experience that we won't be soon forgetting.