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Bandana Accessories, Custom
Bandana Accessories, Custom
Bandana Accessories, Custom
Bandana Accessories, Custom


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Crafted with precision from cutting-edge Trafo fast-wicking fabric, our bandana is designed to elevate your cycling experience by keeping sweat at bay and shielding your scalp from the sun's harmful UV rays.


  • Trafo Fast-Wicking Fabric: Our lightweight and breathable fabric feature Trafo technology that efficiently wicks away sweat, ensuring a dry, irritation-free ride.
  • UV Ray Protection: Stay safe from harmful UV rays with our cycling bandana, providing protection for your scalp during long rides under the sun.
  • Helmet-Friendly Design: Designed to fit under your helmet seamlessly, our bandana offers functionality without compromising on style, keeping distractions from sweat at bay.
  • Stylish and Practical: Combining performance with style, our cycling bandana is a functional yet stylish accessory, adding flair to your cycling ensemble.
  • Unisex Version: Available exclusively in a unisex version, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance for every cyclist.
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