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Team Coop Hitec-Products Shines at National Championships Road Races

Team Coop Hitec-Products Shines at National Championships Road Races
Team Coop Hitec-Products put on a stellar performance at the national championships road races, showcasing their strength and determination. The team's results speak for themselves:

­čç│­čç┤ Sigrid Haugset - 5th place: Sigrid displayed remarkable endurance and skill, battling it out with fierce competitors to secure a well-deserved top-five finish.

­čç│­čç┤ Tiril Piri - 8th place: Tiril's tenacity and tactical prowess were on full display as she navigated the challenging course, crossing the line with an impressive eighth-place finish.

­čç│­čç┤ Stine Dale - 10th place: Stine's determination and grit were evident throughout the race, earning her a commendable tenth-place position and showcasing her potential as a rising star.

­čç│­čç┤ U23 Mari Mohr - 2nd place: Mari proved her mettle in the U23 category, putting forth a phenomenal effort that landed her a remarkable second-place finish. Her performance exemplified the talent and promise she possesses.

­č窭čç¬ Jenny Rissveds - 5th place: Jenny's remarkable skill and unwavering focus propelled her to a fantastic fifth-place finish, solidifying her status as a force to be reckoned with on the road.

­čçź­čçĚ India Grangier - 21st place: India fought hard against tough competition, pushing herself to the limit and securing a commendable 21st place. Her determination and resilience were truly inspiring.

Congratulations to the entire Team Coop Hitec-Products for their outstanding achievements! Your hard work and dedication have paid off, and we are proud to support you on your journey. Keep chasing your dreams and inspiring us all. #TeamCoopHitecProducts #NationalChampionships #CyclingPassion


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