Sigrid Ytterhus Haugset Shines at VCV Féminas with 18th Place Finish Saltar al contenido principal

Sigrid Ytterhus Haugset Shines at VCV Féminas with 18th Place Finish

Sigrid Ytterhus Haugset Shines at VCV Féminas with 18th Place Finish


Team COOP - Repsol rider Sigrid Ytterhus Haugset showcased her prowess at the VCV Féminas race, securing an impressive 18th place finish and contributing to the team's success. Despite facing challenges in the sprint, Haugset's determination and teamwork were evident throughout the race, leaving her optimistic for future competitions.

 In a thrilling display of skill and teamwork, Sigrid Ytterhus Haugset of Team COOP - Repsol delivered a standout performance at the VCV Féminas race. Haugset's 18th place finish underscored her resilience and commitment to excellence in competitive cycling.

Reflecting on her race experience, Haugset emphasized the importance of teamwork and strategy in navigating the challenging course. "I received a lot of help from the others heading into the second climb to be in a good position," she shared. Despite facing stiff competition, Haugset remained focused and determined to give her best until the finish line.

Acknowledging her strengths and areas for improvement, Haugset acknowledged, "It's no secret that I'm not a sprinter." However, her dedication to the team's success and her role as a valuable team player were evident throughout the race. Haugset's positive outlook and collaborative spirit epitomize the values of Team COOP - Repsol.

Looking ahead, Haugset expressed excitement about future races with her teammates, highlighting the camaraderie and mutual support that define their collective journey. As part of a dynamic and cohesive team, Haugset remains committed to pushing her limits and achieving new heights in the world of competitive cycling.

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Photo Credit - Team COOP - Repsol


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