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SewFree is literally just that, instead of traditional stitching it uses bonding technology to be lighter and more aerodynamic. A cycling jersey which moulds to the body to improve your performance. Read more about technology behind this revolutionary cycling jersey.

SewFree Jersey

Here at, CCN Sport we wanted to introduce something unique and different to the market and to do this we had to use the latest methods in seamless technology to create something truly unique. After a long period of strenuous testing in all weather conditions and on many different terrains we constructed the ultimate cycling jersey, a cycling jersey to feel like a second skin. With a smoother surface to reduce skin friction the SewFree jersey optimises a more natural and comfortable fit whilst additional performance gains. SewFree was born.


As soon as you slide in to the jersey you will experience (up to a 6%) lighter fit than a traditional jersey because of the seamless construction. when riding in hot conditions or rainy conditions the SewFree jersey will still maintain lightness because of the superior fabrics which provide less water trapping compared to most standard jerseys.

However, do not be fooled because of its lightness, the SewFree jersey is exceptionally robust. The bonding technology is super strong and has incredible durability which also helps to maintain the shape of the jersey. Time and time again when you put the jersey back on after washing, it feels like it did the first time out of the box.

SewFree Jersey revolutionary ffabric

SewFree jersey is an evolution of our cycling jerseys. Bringing together all elements of testing and technology to create a product which feels natural but advance, feels light, but strong. A cycling jersey that meets your demands time and time again what ever cycling challenges you face.

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