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Phoebe Salazar Triumphs as National Champion at the Philippine National Games Women's Road Race

Phoebe Salazar Triumphs as National Champion at the Philippine National Games Women's Road Race


In a thrilling display of talent, dedication, and sheer determination, Phoebe Salazar, a distinguished rider representing 7-Eleven Racing Team, achieved a remarkable feat by securing the prestigious title of National Champion at the Philippine National Games Women's Road Race.

Phoebe Salazar, reflecting on her phenomenal accomplishment, expressed her overwhelming emotions saying, "I can't exactly explain how God helped me achieve one of my dreams."

This victory comes as no surprise to those familiar with Phoebe's unwavering commitment to the sport and her exceptional prowess on the cycling circuit. Her journey to the top was marked by unparalleled dedication, countless hours of rigorous training, and an unrelenting passion for cycling.

The Philippine National Games witnessed Phoebe Salazar's outstanding performance across multiple categories. In the Individual Time Trial (ITT), she displayed exemplary skill and determination, securing the coveted title of Champion. Her remarkable speed, precision, and focus were on full display as she conquered the challenging course.

In the fiercely competitive Road Race, Phoebe continued to showcase her exceptional abilities, securing an impressive third place. Her strategic racing tactics, coupled with her unwavering endurance, led to yet another podium finish, solidifying her status as a force to be reckoned with in the cycling realm.

Phoebe Salazar's victory not only speaks volumes about her individual prowess but also stands as a testament to the unwavering support and dedication of the entire 7-Eleven Racing Team. Their collaborative efforts, tireless training sessions, and collective spirit have played an instrumental role in this outstanding achievement.

As Phoebe Salazar continues to soar to new heights in her cycling career, her triumph at the Philippine National Games serves as an inspiration to aspiring cyclists and a testament to the limitless possibilities that lie ahead with perseverance and dedication.

Congratulations to Phoebe Salazar on this incredible accomplishment! Her victory marks a proud moment for 7-Eleven Racing Team and stands as a testament to the unwavering spirit of excellence in cycling.

Stay tuned for more updates on Phoebe Salazar's journey and the continued success of the CCN Sport community in the exhilarating world of cycling!


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