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CCN Sport Partners with World Skate Marathon Tour: Introducing the Official LEADER Jersey

CCN Sport Partners with World Skate Marathon Tour: Introducing the Official LEADER Jersey

Exciting news reverberates through the world of skating as CCN Sport proudly announces its partnership with the World Skate Marathon Tour. ­čîč This groundbreaking collaboration marks the introduction of the first-ever official LEADER jersey, set to redefine excellence and honor the mastery of the top skaters in the world. Let's dive into this monumental development and the exhilarating journey that lies ahead.

The Iconic LEADER Jersey:
Imagine the thrill of victory as the top skater dominates the rankings and is adorned in the prestigious Green jersey, symbolizing unparalleled excellence and achievement. As the leader strides onto the podium amidst roaring applause, the world watches in awe, inspired by their unparalleled skill and determination.

AERO Skinsuit for Aerodynamic Excellence:
But CCN Sport doesn't stop there! In our commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance, they're providing an AERO skinsuit for the next race. Designed for aerodynamic excellence, this skinsuit ensures our leader not only looks sharp but is also geared up to conquer the track with unmatched speed and agility.

Countdown to Shanghai:
With just two days remaining until the first stop of the Marathon in Shanghai, the anticipation reaches a fever pitch. Skaters from around the globe eagerly prepare to showcase their talents on the world stage, fueled by the promise of victory and the allure of the prestigious LEADER jersey.

As the skating community braces for an adrenaline-pumping season ahead, CCN Sport's partnership with the World Skate Marathon Tour sets the stage for an exhilarating journey of competition, triumph, and excellence. With the introduction of the official LEADER jersey and the promise of aerodynamic superiority with the AERO skinsuit, skaters are poised to push their limits and redefine what it means to be a champion. Get ready to witness history in the making as the world's top skaters take center stage and embark on a quest for glory. The countdown has begun - Shanghai, here we come!


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