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Bialini Gomola CCN: Unforgettable Racing Journey in Romania

Bialini Gomola CCN: Unforgettable Racing Journey in Romania
At CCN Sport, we embrace the spirit of adventure and the thrill of exploring new horizons on two wheels. Bialinis's recent trip to Romania for the "CUPA MAX AUSNIT" UCI 1.2 race proved to be an unforgettable and eventful experience for our team.

­čÜś **Traffic Jam Drama: Hungary-Romanian Border**
As they embarked on our journey from Spain to Romania, little did they know that a daunting traffic jam awaited us at the Hungary-Romanian border during passport control. Hours of waiting tested our patience, but we remained determined to reach our destination for the race.

­čîä **Lugoj: A Race against Time**
After traveling approximately 800 km and crossing the Polish border, they finally arrived in Lugoj, Romania, where the teams gathered for the race. A time change of 1 hour ahead added to the challenge, but our spirit remained undeterred. With last-minute precision, we made it just in time for the event.

­čĺ¬ **Taking on the Pro Continental Teams**
The "CUPA MAX AUSNIT" race showcased the formidable competition of PRO CONTINENTAL TEAMs, some of which had participated in prestigious events like the Giro de Italia race. Our own Miguel Rubiano displayed unwavering determination, securing an impressive 11th place in the fierce competition.

­čîŹ **A Journey of Discovery**
Romania marked the 8th country they have explored, and each race destination has provided them with unique experiences and cultural encounters. Cycling not only unites them as a team but also opens doors to new places and experiences around the globe.

At CCN Sport, we thrive on the passion for cycling and the camaraderie that comes with it. Bialini's journey to Romania will forever remain etched in our hearts as another chapter of incredible memories and moments shared with fellow riders and cycling enthusiasts.

Stay tuned for more thrilling race adventures as we continue to embrace the spirit of exploration and the joy of cycling! ­čîč­čÜ┤ÔÇŹÔÖÇ´ŞĆ­čîł

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