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Success at the Nordic Gravel Championships 2024

Success at the Nordic Gravel Championships 2024
The Voltas - Tartu 2024 by CCN event marked a significant milestone in our journey this year, showcasing the incredible talent and dedication of our riders at the Nordic Gravel Championships 2024. We are thrilled to celebrate the remarkable achievements of our team and former riders, who have made us immensely proud.

Top Performers in the Nordic Gravel Championships 2024

Markus Pajur 🥇
A former rider of CCN Sport, Markus Pajur, demonstrated his exceptional prowess by securing the top spot. His victory at the Nordic Gravel Championships is a testament to his dedication and hard work. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Markus for this outstanding achievement.

Rait Ärm 🥉
Another former CCN Sport rider, Rait Ärm, clinched the third position, adding another feather to our cap. His performance was nothing short of spectacular, and we are immensely proud of his accomplishment. Rait's journey with us has always been inspiring, and this latest achievement only adds to his illustrious career.

Siim Kiskonen 🥈🇪🇪
Securing the second position, Siim Kiskonen represented Estonia with grace and power. Siim's consistent performance and determination have always been a source of pride for CCN Sport. His podium finish at the Nordic Gravel Championships is a well-deserved accolade.

Kristian Klevgard 🇳🇴
Kristian Klevgard, representing Norway, put up a valiant effort to secure the fourth position. His dedication and resilience were evident throughout the race, and we are proud to have such a determined athlete as part of our extended family.

Alekss Krasts 🥇 in 🇱🇻 Championships
A special shoutout goes to Alekss Krasts, who secured the top spot in the Latvian Championships. His performance was remarkable, showcasing his skill and determination. Alekss continues to inspire with his achievements, and we are thrilled to celebrate his success.

Celebrating Our Champions

The Nordic Gravel Championships 2024 was a significant event for CCN Sport, highlighting the strength and skill of our current and former riders. Their performances have set a high standard and continue to inspire the cycling community. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the riders for their outstanding achievements and look forward to more successes in the future.

Stay tuned for more updates and follow us on our journey as we continue to support and celebrate the incredible talent within the CCN Sport family.


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