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The Niederbipp Half Marathon was a standout event for Team Arena Geisingen!  Despite challenging conditions, our team showed incredible resilience and determination, leading to fantastic results.

Women's Race:
The women started on a very wet course, but that didn't dampen their spirits. Gaby Vargass took the lead for the majority of the race, closely followed by Luna Diaz. Their strong performances secured a 1-2 finish for the team, with Gaby taking first place and Luna claiming second. This dominant display highlighted their skill and tenacity in the face of adverse weather conditions. 

Men's Race:
The men's race saw dry conditions and an aggressive start with early and continuous attacks. Eventually, a four-man breakaway formed, featuring Metoděj Jílek, Flavio Gross, Livio Wenger, and Philip Due. This group managed to pull ahead of the rest of the pack. Unfortunately, Sam Morris experienced a crash with one lap to go, and Nevio Gross faced mechanical issues that hindered his performance.

Despite these setbacks, the final sprint was thrilling. Nevio Gross secured his first victory of the season on home soil, followed by Philip Due in second and Livio Wenger in third. Metoděj Jílek rounded out the top finishes, ensuring a strong showing for Team Arena Geisingen.

This race was an emotional and significant victory for our team. Congratulations to everyone involved, and let's carry this momentum forward to the next event at the European Cup in Wörgl! 

Go Team Arena Geisingen!


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