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John Andre Aguja: Rising Star on the Global MTB Stage with Go for Gold

John Andre Aguja: Rising Star on the Global MTB Stage with Go for Gold

In a spectacular feat that echoes across the international cycling community, John Andre Aguja, the talented MTB junior rider from Go for Gold, has achieved a remarkable milestone. Breaking through barriers and climbing the UCI rankings, Aguja now stands proudly as the highest-ever ranked Filipino in the world of MTB, securing the 7th position with 442 points. Let's delve into the exhilarating journey that led to this exceptional achievement.

Aguja's Remarkable Ascent:
Climbing an impressive 4 notches from the previous week's UCI rankings for MTB juniors XCO, Aguja's sudden rise to the 7th position is attributed to his victorious defense of the Thailand MTB Cup 1 in Kanchanburi. This win propelled him past notable cyclists from Spain, Denmark, and South Africa.

The Path to Number 1:
While Aguja currently sits at 7th, his eyes are set on the top spot currently held by Nicolas Halter of Switzerland. To secure the lead, Aguja is gearing up to participate in more UCI tournaments, strategically chosen to offer substantial points for the winners.

Go for Gold's Commitment:
Go for Gold, supported by sponsors such as Scratchit, Rudy Project Philippines, Booster C Energy Shot, Storck Bicycle GmbH, Storck Philippines, Neo Zigma PH, Shimano-Road, Maxxis Bicycles PH, Mad Crank, Science in Sport, Chris Sports, CCN Sport Philippines, Gatorade Philippines, Magene, #EXAR, and SUPACAZ, is fully backing Aguja's journey. Founder and sports patron Jeremy Go expresses admiration for Aguja's unexpected success and highlights the team's dedication to coordinating with international cycling officials for a comprehensive program.

A Domino Effect of Success:
The success isn't limited to Aguja alone. Go for Gold's other MTB riders are making significant strides in their rankings, a testament to the team's aggressive international campaign. Justine Anastacio, bronze winner in the Thailand MTB Cup 1, soared 63 slots to 134th position. Adrian Nacario, James Carl dela Cruz, Dhave Roa, Mark Louwel Valderama, and veteran rider Jigo Mendoza also experienced notable improvements.

Philippines: A Global MTB Contender:
Jeremy Go believes that MTB is the sport where Filipinos can truly excel globally. With the right equipment, diverse terrains, and the discovery of exceptional talents like John Andre Aguja, the Philippines is poised to make waves in international MTB. Go emphasizes the need for patience and diligence in sending Filipino riders abroad for exposure and training, laying the groundwork for a promising future.

John Andre Aguja's ascent to the 7th position in the world is not just a personal triumph but a beacon of hope for Philippine MTB on the global stage. With the unwavering support of Go for Gold and a team of dedicated sponsors, Aguja's journey signifies the potential for Filipino cyclists to make a lasting impact on the international cycling scene. The world watches as this rising star continues to pedal towards new heights.


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