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A Massive Week for X-Speed United

A Massive Week for X-Speed United

It’s been an exhilarating week for X-Speed United, filled with victories, impressive performances, and relentless determination. Our team has shown exceptional grit and perseverance across multiple international races, further solidifying our reputation in the cycling world.

Triumph at the Tour de Kurpie

In Poland, Irishman Leo Doyle claimed a stunning victory in Stage 5 of the Tour de Kurpie. Doyle’s win was a testament to his incredible skill and strategic prowess. Additionally, American rider Jonah Killy had an outstanding performance, securing both the youth and points jerseys. Killy’s achievements highlight his emerging talent and promise for the future.

Success at the Tour de Beauce

Simultaneously, in Canada, our riders showcased their strength at the Tour de Beauce. George Radcliffe delivered a remarkable performance, finishing 4th on the final stage. The team's cohesive effort and support played a crucial role in Radcliffe’s success, demonstrating our commitment to teamwork and collective goals.

Competing at the Tour de Suisse

Adding to the week’s accomplishments, Swiss dynamo Christoph Janssen competed against the world's best cyclists at the Tour de Suisse. Janssen's participation in such a prestigious event underscores our team's ability to perform on the global stage and compete with top-tier talent.

Reflecting on Our Values

This past week has been a vivid illustration of what X-Speed United stands for—grit, perseverance, and unwavering teamwork. Every race, every stage, and every rider’s effort contributes to our collective success. We’re immensely proud of our athletes and their achievements, and we look forward to more victories and memorable moments in the future.

Stay Tuned

Keep following X-Speed United as we continue to push the boundaries and strive for excellence in every race. Your support fuels our journey, and we’re excited to share more incredible performances with you soon.

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