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Sewfree Burgundy bibs short
Sewfree Burgundy bibs short

Sewfree Burgundy bibs short

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Sew Free seamless bib shorts collection is the top product of CCN. After more than a year of development and testing, the product is skintight and 3d cut design style, it is made of woven fabric with implantable silicone non-slip which is imported from France. Do extremely lightweight. Benefits of Quattro Woven Fabric: 

  • 4 ways Stretching, the fabric provides unprecedented muscle support when the skin is stretched by huge vertical and horizontal stretches during movement, giving a remarkable sense of freedom.
  • Light, fast drying, and air permeability - woven fabrics are lighter and thinner than knitted fabrics, to meet the requirements of lightweight customers while providing fast drying function. It has maximum air permeability. 
  • Wear resistance - Woven fabrics wear better than knitted fabrics For High-end seamless bib shorts, we have a total of 5 colors, and colorful colors better match different tops, making your riding more colorful and fun. Benefits of using the seamless fitting technique: 
  • Improved appearance and performance: Seamless provides greater tensile capacity than ordinary sewing, and the recovery ability after stretching is also irreplaceable by ordinary sewing. The seamless provides a smoother surface than normal stitching, reduces the chance of skin friction, and provides a more comfortable experience for the wearer.
  • Lightweight: seamless fitting 6% lighter than traditional sewing. Special experience when wet, ordinary stitching will absorb more moisture than a seamless one. 
  • Durability: We found that seamless fitting is as strong as ordinary sewing thread, or even stronger than ordinary sewing thread