CCN Sport for Women’s Elite

@amanda_jamieson_ 2nd today in the Elite Women’s Criterium in Fischeln, Germany! 🌟💪🏼 Quite a tactical race for me, only way I could try win was to get away solo or go early in the final sprint. As the other girls proved they were very punchy in the intermediate sprints! In the end it came down to the latter and I wasn’t quite able to hold off for first place ☹️ (literally 1cm off). Still very happy with my result and how I raced. Plus I can’t complain about winning a 6 pack and a giant trophy I somehow have to get back to NZ 🤔😂 #weightlimits #crit #germany #sprinta #CCNsport #wearCCN #HaveYourCCNnow